WebPA will survive and develop further in the long term if an active community of users works together to achieve this. Join the community in either a passive or active manner if you use or support WebPA. Make use of the community for the following:

Email Support for Solving Problems

General enquiries can be posted on the JISCmail list at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/webpa.html. Members of this list are not only the people using the tool with students, but also those who have a vast knowledge on the best ways of addressing an issue, fixing a problem or, at the very least, pointing you in the right direction.

Generally, there are no silly questions, as what is puzzling you will more than likely be confusing someone else as well. However, there are ways in which you can ask a question that will get better results. Make sure you use a meaningful title/subject line and that you try to be precise in the information that you are giving and don’t assume people will know what you are talking about.

For more guidance on how to phrase questions see http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#id272405

But before you start, don’t forget to check the archives and ensure your question has not already been answered.

Discipline specific support through the Higher Education Academy Engineering and Physical Sciences Subject Centres

As WebPA was developed in the engineering discipline and then initially expanded to physical sciences there are many academic users in these areas. These subject centres will provide limited support and information on WebPA and the Engineering Subject Centre (engSC) is supporting a related special interest group for 2009/10. Find out more [php]echo getLink(“User Group”, “here”)[/php].

Reporting Bugs

Please refer to the bug reporting guide [php]echo getLink(“Bug Reporting”,”here”);[/php]

Helping to Develop WebPA Further

If you are interested in supporting the future development of WebPA as an open source tool, then join the associated community of developers who share knowledge, discuss the future developments of the project and pitch in to achieve common goals. Everyone is welcome to join the community, you don’t even need to contribute until you are ready. Introduce yourself at http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/webpa-developer. You can find out more about participating in open source communities at http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/toptipscommunities.xml and contributing code at http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/contributing.xml.