LTI is a connector used with a VLE to connect it to your WebPA installation. The following information is for your IT staff and has been taken from ‘spvsoftwareproducts’ for use on the project website.

This module is an extension for WebPA version 2. It adds the required functionality to allow WebPA to be integrated with an LTI-compliant VLE (such as Blackboard Learn 9, WebCT or Moodle). The IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification provides a standard mechanism by which external learning applications can be securely launched from within an on-line course. The module will work with any VLE supporting LTI. When a user first connects to WebPA their user account is automatically created and they are given the appropriate role in the module (which is also automatically created). There is no need to provision WebPA separately. In addition to launching WebPA, the module will also take advantage of the following LTI services if they are available:

  • memberships – to allow tutors to synchronise enrolments with the VLE;
  • groups enhancement to memberships- to allow tutors to synchronise groups with the VLE;
  • outcomes – to allow tutors to return the grades from a marked assessment to the grade book in the VLE;
  • setting – to record the date/time when the enrolments and grades were last synchronised.

//Connect to Database

$search= “lti”;
$table= “lboro_documentStore”;

//Build Results
documentList($search, $table);