The WebPA Resource Pack has been designed to support those considering the adoption of WebPA. It captures the various deliverables generated from the JISC funded project in a usable guide and also helps to inform the implementation and embedding of the tool within a department and, ultimately, across an institution. All the experience and guidance within the pack is based on lessons learnt by the adopters of the WebPA tool and the project team. The pack is designed in a way that you can easily point colleagues to relevant sections or give them the handouts at the end of the pack.

Downloading the WebPA Resource Pack

Small numbers of the WebPA Resource Pack are available in hard copy on request, for use at events promoting WebPA etc. Otherwise, the pack can be downloaded as .pdf files using the links below, either as one complete file or just the sections of most interest.

Complete WebPA Resource Pack with resources and handouts

//Connect to Database

$search= “webpa”;
$table= “lboro_documentStore”;

//Build Results
documentList($search, $table);